Monroe County, IL
  • Approving legal descriptions on all deeds before recording in the County Clerk's Office.  (See fee schedule)
  • Enforce division regulations found in the State Plat Act and Subdivision Ordinance. The act can be found in the Illinois State Plat Act (735 ILCS 205/1)
  • Maintenance of parcel numbers and the redrawing of county maps due to divisions, consolidations, subdivisions, etc.
  • Creation and sale of custom maps using GIS data.
Property Div. Guidelines

Requirements for Property Divisions

  • Must be at least 5.00 acres
  • Must have public road frontage. The new parcel and the remaining portion of the original parcel must each have 330’ public road frontage.


  • In a recorded subdivision, divisions of lots or blocks of less than one acre can be made provided it does not involve any new streets or easements of access.
  • The sale or exchange of land between owners of adjoining land.
  • The conveyance of land for railroad right of way or other public utility facilities and other pipe lines which do not involve any new streets or easements of access.
  • The conveyance of land for highway or other public purposes to be dedicated to the public for public use.
  • The conveyance of land owned by a railroad or any public facility which does not involve any new streets of easements of access.
  • Conveyance made to correct descriptions in prior conveyances.
  • Parcels of land existing today as it did on or prior to July 17, 1959, can convey one division of any acreage not involving any new streets or easements of access.
  • Parcels of land existing today as it did on or prior to October 1, 1973, can convey one division of land less than 5.00 acres. This division must be surveyed by an Illinois Registered Land Surveyor and a drawing of the survey must be attached to the deed for approval and recording.
  • Parcels of land that have a descriptive roadway easement, recorded in Monroe County prior to July 1, 1989, running through the parcel and/or along the parcel’s boundary line can convey divisions of 5.00 acres or more off of the easement. The new division(s) and the remaining portion of original tract must have frontage on the easement.
  • Conveyances of land for cemetery use.
  • Conveyances pursuant to law or court order.

For additional information, please contact the Mapping and Platting Office.

Checklist for Proposed Subdivision

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  • Schedule a pre-conference meeting regarding proposed subdivision with the Michael Fausz, Zoning Administrator, Aaron Metzger, County Engineer and John Wagner, Health Department.
  • If any of the development is located within one and one-half miles or less of any municipality, the developer must submit a copy of the preliminary plat to that municipality before the County can proceed.
  • Applicant must contact the Soil & Water Conservation District to apply for a Natural Resource Report to be submitted with the Preliminary Plat. Applicant must have report before submitting Preliminary Plat.
  • The Monroe County Health Department’s application must be filled out. Approval from the Health Department must be granted before submitting Preliminary Plat.
  • The Illinois Department of Natural Resources, under the Endangered Species Protection Act, requires that an “Agency Action Report” be filed with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources
  • Applicant must file report with IEPA regarding storm water management.
  • Proposed lots must be two and one-half acres or larger in size in an A-2 zoned district or at least 10 acres in an A-1 zoned district. If the lots are smaller, you either have to be in an incentive overlay district and follow the regulations for lot reduction, or the property must be rezoned according to lot size.
  • Must have a copy of recorded deed or deeds to the property that is being subdivided.
  • Follow specifications for Preliminary Plat as to the requirements on the Plat.
  • When submitting Preliminary Plat, a copy of Deed Restrictions and Covenants must also be submitted.
  • Entrance Approval Certificate must be completed and approved by the proper Road Authority.
  • Fee to submit a Preliminary Plat is $100.00 plus $15.00 for each proposed lot or tract of ground.
  • Preliminary Plat along with all pertinent information regarding the subdivision and appropriate fees must be submitted to the Mapping & Platting Office no later than the 10th of the month to be on the agenda for Land Use Meeting and the Planning Commission Meeting the following month.

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Fee Schedule

Deed Approval Fee - $10 per deed

A check separate from the Recorder’s fees is required. Make check payable to Monroe County General Fund. (click here for Recorder’s Office applicable fees).

Printed Map Fees

8 1/2 x 11    CAD (without aerial)                $ 2.00
8 1/2 x 11    GIS                                            $ 3.00
11 x 17        GIS                                             $ 5.00
18 x 24       CAD (section without aerial)   $ 5.00
18 x 24       CAD (section with aerial)        $10.00
18 x 24       GIS                                            $10.00
24 x 36       GIS                                            $18.00
36 x 48       GIS                                           $36.00
Plats          per page                                   $  5.00

  • GIS maps can be customized to different scales and views
  • CAD maps are specific scale and cannot be modified.
  • 2015 aerial imagery is available on CAD and GIS maps
  • We accept cash or check only for printed maps (made payable to Monroe County GIS).