Monroe County, IL

Workforce Investment Act (WIOA)

The Workforce Investment Act (WIOA) provides the framework for a unique workforce preparation and employment system designed to meet the needs of job seekers and those who want to further their careers or eduction.  The most important aspect of the ACT is its focus on meeting the needs of local businesses for skilled workers and the training, education and employment needs of the individual.

Who Does WIOA Help?

  • WIOA helps all persons access free information and orientation to the local labor market.
  • WIOA hleps dislocated workers return to productivity, often at wages similar to what they earned prior to layoffs.
  • WIOA helps unemployed, underemployed or untrained workers receive skills through job training that will help those individuals to succeed in the job market.
  • WIOA helps young people prepare for careers by participating in work readiness, work experience, and job skill development.
  • WOIA Services

    There are no eligibility requirements for the following WOIA services:

    • Job search
    • Career Exploration
    • Resume Development
    • Interview Tips & Techniques
    • Training Programs
      • On-th-Job Training
      • Classroom Training
    • Resource Room
  • WIOA Eligibility

    WOIA Eligibility:

    • 18 or older
    • Authorized to work in the United States
    • If male and born after 12/31/59, compliant with military selective service requirements
    • Unemployed and unable to find unsubsidized employment that leads to self-sufficiency
    • Employed and unable to obtain or maintain employment that allows self-sufficiency
    • Information for youth programs is available upon request.
  • How To Apply

    To apply for WIOA funding, please schedule an orientation appointment.

    PLEASE NOTE:  Completing all of the steps of the application process DOES NOT guarantee WIOA funding.  Please allow at least 30 days for applications to be processed.

    Monroe County Workforce Development
    100 South Main Street, Room #19
    Waterloo, IL  62298

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